No titans review gas fracking rules: British government


LONDON (Reuters) – Britain’s government is without any plans to review regulations for fracking gas in the united states, it said on Thursday, following calls from industry to revisit the policies.

Chemical giant Ineos and fracking firm Cuadrilla the 2009 week said current restrictions around seismic events at fracking sites could force the industry sector to close.

Under the so-called traffic light system fracking will have to be paused for 18 hours following any seismic event of magnitude 0.5 or more, something which forced Cuadrilla to prevent its operations a few times last year.

“We set these regulations in consultation with industry so we have no provides review them,” a spokesman with the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy said on an email.

The government however, said it still believes shale gas happens to be an important power source for the country and the industry could generate economic benefits and well paid jobs.

Cuadrilla said now its test drilling in northwest England showed an excellent reservoir of high quality and recoverable gas.

Environmentalists have campaigned against fracking, saying extracting more fossil fuel is odds with Britain’s resolve forpersistance to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. They also have raised concerns about potential groundwater contamination.